High School College Planning

9th Grade Goals:

  • Start planning early so that you are better prepared.

  • Begin a college savings account.

  • Keep track of courses and grades.  If struggling with grades, check out these                                                                                                                                resources Study Help

  • Be mindful that colleges will look at grades from 9th-12th grades.

  • Learn about college entrance requirements.

  • Create a file for report cards, awards, honors, school and community activities

       and volunteer work.

10th Grade Goals:

  • Prepare to take the PSAT test and Pre ACT.  

  • Take a Practice ACT/SAT - April 6, 2019. Register here: Practice ACT/SAT

  • Get involved in clubs, sports, community service, and other extracurricular


  • Consider the reasons you like different colleges such as programs, location,   

  • cost, and size.

  • Tour colleges of interest.

  • Consider taking more challenging courses such as honors, advanced level

  • courses, and AP.

11th Grade Goals:

  • Be mindful that colleges look closely at junior year grades.

  • Challenge yourself academically.

  • Take ACT/SAT http://actstudent.org;  http://sat.collegeboard.org

  • Attend college fairs.

  • Visit colleges to tour their campus and learn more about program offerings.

  • Know admission requirements to colleges of interest.

  • Prepare for college placement exams.

  • Find a summer job or internship in a field of interest.

  • Start writing your college essays during the summer for College App and any                                                                                                                                       other requirement.

12th Grade Goals:

  • Review courses, graduation requirements, and scholarship information with

       your school counselor

  • Learn about student health insurance in case of an emergency.

  • Determine when fees for tuition and room and board are due and how much

       they will cost.

  • Prepare to take exams for AP and college-level courses.

  • Decide on a college and accept before college deadline. 

  • Be prepared to hear from colleges by Spring.

  • Make sure your parents have completed their income tax returns.

  • Complete the college financial aid application and FAFSA between Jan. 1-Feb. 15.

  • Be prepared for Early Decision Replies Dec. 1-Dec. 31.

  • Complete college applications

  • Make transcript request early and follow up. 

  • Ask teachers and counselors for letters of recommendations.  

  • Write college admissions essays early to be reviewed by teachers.

  • Update resume.

*Source: College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)

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